Computers make me sidetracked

Today at work I had to remove a date from the school website.
I ended up spending two hours sorting it out.
Still, I found out how to get the latest news feeding on to the home page so that was something. Hopefully a gap student will be managing this from september WooHoo. See my changes at
Then at home, Kat went out with a friend and I was meant to do the washing up, tidying etc.
I thought “I’ll just quickly see if plugging my external hard disk into my Vista PC will fix it” (it hadn’t been working on my XP Desktop)
Guess what – it worked.
Then I got a bit too over excited and thought “Hmmm, I wonder if Vista will fix my TOMTOM that has been dead for three months
That worked as well!
Only problem is that it deleted my map so I know have to trawl the internet to find one, or maybe a Yoda/Mr T voice? Or maybe washing up? or maybe do a bit of work on my facebook profile? or tidy up? or play Lego Star Wars? or get a life!
There I go again, getting sidetracked

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