I’ve just insatlled Service Pack 3 (SP3) Windows XP

The update isn’t availabe through automatic updates yet it is just on the MS servers

Stand-alone installer for Windows XP SP3 English, 32 Bitimage

I downloaded and installed SP3 from the link in the post

  • I will say that it is a bit of a visually ugly update. Nothing as nice as say the IE6>IE7 update
  • Once the SP is installed it (using the typical hotfix GUI from windows 2000) needs to restart.
  • This then goes into a welcome screen style UI (like scandisk)
  • then a boot screen style UI saying "please wait"
  • and then after you log in you get the horrible "Personalized Settings" for Microsoft Outlook 6 (haven’t they finished supporting that now?)
  • and then you get your desktop followed by a couple of non-descriptive command prompts.
  • Finally my beta version of Live Messenger 9 asked for the installation source

Everything seems to have gone smoothly.

Visually everything looks the same, only time will tell if it is any improvement (I’ve got my fingers crossed).

I’m just glad I don’t need to do the 140-odd updates to the 100s of new PCs I set up 🙂