Windows Live Mesh

At the weekend I got invited to the beta for Windows Live Mesh.

This is a cool new "Software as a Service" web-app thingy that is kind of a combination of online file storage and folder synchronisation.

Basically, you install a bit of software onto each computer you use (Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Mac)

You can then create folders on one device and they automatically get synced with a private website and all your other devices.

You can share folders with other users or invite people along like you can with skydrive.

meshIt has a little info pane that shows you when new stuff is added or someone comments on something.

This is a cool way to keep your files in sync if you use lots of devices. One of my issues with online storage is that you are forever trying to keep up with what is the most current version. It also means that you can save stuff from Word,, whatever in here by the normal "Save as route" and not bother with the whole uploading step as it does it all in the background

It has a cool "media" view which I am going to do some experimenting with