4OD Problems

imageToday I tried to download the film "Boy A" from 4OD (An on demand TV service for the UK’s Channel 4 network)

However I got the error

"You need to be within the UK or the Republic of Ireland to download from 4oD"

I do live in the UK and I have used 4OD before so I didn’t really know what it was talking about. Knowing how renowned 4OD is for not working properly I decided to do an uninstall>reboot>reinstall. This gave me the glorious "Flash.ocx" error which meant I had to find out how to fix that again.

  • You need to go to the following folder (make sure you can see ALL hidden files)
  • C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDRM
  • delete the entire folder and reboot
  • Launch 4OD and it should ask you to reload DRM files then all should work as normal.

However, I was still getting the geo-blocking issue?!? I decided to see what country my pc thought I was from

  • To do this I went to http://ipinfo.info
  • I then looked up my IP address at http://www.networldmap.com/TryIt.htm?GetLocation
  • This told me I was somewhere in Japan ?!?
  • I decided to reboot my broadband router by unplugging it for 10 seconds
  • When I went back to my PC I had a different IP address (though it was still apparently Japanese) but 4OD worked – WooHoo!

I then went through the rigmarole of navigating the 4OD software to download the film and it is downloading as I type. I think Channel 4 should take a good look at the BBC’s iPlayer and see how it should be done. Hopefully though the UK will get a unified downloader for all the main channels sooner rather than later – see the plans for Project Kangaroo / SeeSaw here


What do you think?

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