Hyper-V 2008 Launch Event

Ballmer Begins

I was lucky enough to get a day out of the office to go and see Steve Ballmer (the new CEO of Microsoft since Bill Gates retired) at the launch of Hyper-V 2008 Server.

I thought I was bound to get a scoop on some pre-PDC news but unfortunately the Register & CW beat me to it 😦

We were also banned from taking laptops into the auditorium which meant note-taking was limited to my mobile phone. I took a couple of photo’s and a video but I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough to catch Ballmer’s re-enacment of his famous “Developers!!!” fit changing it to “IT Pros!!!”. Still, I got a classier Microsoft packed lunch than normal.

I was actually quite impressed by their Virtualisation products & strategies, especially the System Center VM Manager.

He did reveal that Microsoft have ready beta1 of it’s new OS “Windows Cloud” (name will change). This isn’t an OS to replace Vista but to be used in the “cloud” – think of it like Vista for PCs, Server for Servers, Windows Mobile, for Phones, CE for devices and Cloud for the “cloud”. It will provide a platform offering the computing power, storage and management needed to offer applications to run from the internet. It will enable applications to “Click to Run” instead of installing them on a PC. We are likely to see an Office version running on Windows Cloud as one of the first example apps.

I created a PhotoZoom containing a few of the more interesting slides which help to explain what I was going on about here (you will need to install Silverlight – quick & free)

I utilised the panoramic stitching feature of Deep Zoom (a free MS Download) and included a few more of the scenic views of where the event was held (Southbank, London). It looks quite impressive seeing as they were taken on my 2MP camera phone, try zooming in to the info panel on the bridge or the inscription on the statue plinth.

What do you think?

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