Windows 7 Beach Theme

I am giving the Windows 7 Theme Sharing feature a go.

I wanted a theme that brings the sunny UK weather to my laptop and gets me excited about my summer holiday (or vacation for those stateside).

I got some great wallpapers from Interfacelift and icons from vistaicons.

Sharing Themes is simple in 7image

  • Right-click a space on the desktop and choose “Personalization”
  • Set your sounds, wallpapers (choose multiple images for a cool desktop slideshow) and desktop icons (this is through a link in the sidebar)
  • Save the theme for yourself or right-click the unsaved theme and choose “save theme for sharing”
  • This saves the images into a .themepack file that can be transferred to a different PC or shared online
  • The file is actually a compressed folder and can be opened by a Zip program such as 7-zip (works wonderfully in 7 x64) if you want to check the contents out first!
  • The file just needs to be double-clicked and the theme will be applied.
  • Download my Beach theme from my skydrive

Image Credits

  • Computer & Recycle Bin Icons – Miriam Moshinsky
  • Personal Folder Icon – Aha Soft Team
  • 15 High-res 1280×800 Widescreen Wallpapers – All from Interface Lift except the standard Windows 7 Betta Fish. Hopefully I will get around to crediting the individuals when I track them down
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