Google Spreadsheets Embed new ugliness

I am an avid user of Google Docs. I use it loads for a running club website that I maintain.
I can store all the results for any race in a spreadsheet and then embed part of that in a web page.
You can see an example of this at

However, Google have updated the embedding HTML to add unnecessary and ugly info, plus a link to sign up for Google Docs

So instead ofClean Embedded Spreadsheet




You get
Ugly Embedded Spreadsheet 






Luckily I found a way to turn this off

A typical piece of code to embed a range of a spreadsheet now looks like this

<iframe width=’500′ height=’300′ frameborder=’0′ src=’’></iframe>

To turn off the new links and other bits simply change widget=true to widget=false at the end of the code

Note: I tried to embed the spreadsheet in this blog but Microsoft stripped it out for “security” reasons

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