I’m now running Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview on Windows 7

 Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview banner from Connect site I was perhaps a bit overexcited to get an invitation this morning to the Office 2010 TP (#geek). There was a minor panic when the link in the email didn’t work but luckily the url had the invitation code in it so I could just paste that in to the Microsoft connect site.

I was then stuck with the choice between 64 or 32-bit flavours. I would normally go for 64-bit, however, that means that I cannot use any 32-bit add-ins and unfortunately my Outlook requires one of them for my job. I did download the 64-bit version of Visio, so that will have to do until my add-in is updated to a 64-bit build. It is currently installing as we speak. The installation is identical to 2007 at the moment, I chose the Upgrade option and have my fingers crossed. It’s taken about 15 mins so far but I think it’s nearly done.

Time for a play now. I won’t be able to reveal any bits that aren’t in the public domain already, as that will get me thrown out of MS’s good books, but I can tell you what I think of the changes so far.

more to come ….

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