Windows 7 on a netbook experience

We had an Advent 4211 netbook (Intel Atom N270, 1GB Ram, 80GB HDD)  at work that was using Windows XP. It was having a few issues so we thought we might as well install the Windows 7 RC over the top of it.

The first issue was that it doesn’t have a CD drive so we needed to get it to boot from a USB to run the setup. This was surprisingly easy to do using my existing windows 7 laptop and the Disk Management console. All you need to do is image

  1. format a partition on an external USB drive,
  2. mark it as active,
  3. copy all the files from the Windows 7 CD and it’s good to go.

I booted from the USB drive and set of the installation. It took 21mins to get to the windows desktop. Thankfully, all of the drivers were downloaded from windows update and the OEM bundled webcam software works too.

I have been amazed at the performance of this little machine. It works almost on a par with my beefy Lenovo T60, despite it’s WEI rating of 2

Everyone in the office has taken a look and been very impressed with it. I think this is really going to be a smash hit once it gets out in the shops. It was horrible seeing XP on the netbook and I was considering a few a the special netbook Linux distro’s but now I think I have the best of both in Windows 7

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