Windows 7 RTM’s, Lenovo Updates Device Stage

Lenovo Device Stage I got a nice surprise when I looked in my Devices and Printers folder. A new icon for my laptop! #nerd

Before today I had the default laptop icon, which doesn’t really do anything. Today I get a photo-realistic ThinkPad icon (not quite identical to my model). When I double click it a new Device Stage window opens.

This is my first bit of hardware that has a Device Stage (although this one is quite limited). It includes a proper task-based jump-list, links to Lenovo resources online as well as useful control panel links (it made me aware that I have infrared enabled, an unnecessary waste of resources)

I’m glad to see hardware makers taking full advantage of shiny new Windows 7 bits this far ahead of the actual release-to-public date on October 22nd

Full Release Schedule

  • Technet subscribers: August 6 in English, October 1 remaining languages
  • MSDN subscribes: August 6 in English, October 1 remaining languages
  • Software Assurance (Education) customers: August 7, remaining languages a couple of weeks later
  • Microsoft Partner Network (MPN): August 16
  • Volume License customers without SA: September 1
  • Consumers: October 22
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