Autumn Fall Theme for Windows 7

Autumn Fall Desktop ScreenshotMy Summer Beach Theme for my Windows 7 laptop is making me depressed about not being on holiday. Therefore, I felt it was time for a change of season and have created one for Autumn. 

I have used 12 1280×900 wallpapers from the brilliant InterFaceLIFT site and the Autumn Breeze icon pack from VistaIcons. I chose the Delta sound scheme and a rich burnt orange for the glass.

Think I’ll go and get some roasted chestnuts and a nice bowl of pumpkin soup!

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P.S. Only just discovered I can easily link to previous posts using Windows Live Writer’s Insert Hyperlink option!

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Microsoft Community Council, First Meeting

The Microsoft Community Council (MCC) is a new venture for Microsoft UK. They are a group of volunteers who can provide an independent view of the IT Professional. If you have been following me on twitter then you are probably aware I am one of those volunteers.

Yesterday was the historic first face-to-face meeting with the council members along with Microsoft’s own employees from the  IT Professional Technical Evangelist Team. It was held at the Microsoft offices in London Victoria. It was great to meet up with all of the other council members and very encouraging to hear the Microsoft employees genuine interest in the project.

After everyone had introduced themselves the first task was to pin down what we were actually meant to be doing as part of the MCC. My first impression (before the meeting) was that this is probably going to just be a good bit of PR for Microsoft and nothing much will come of it. However, now I feel completely the opposite on the whole subject! What the MCC will actually provide is a two-way channel of communication between the 1 million IT Pros in the UK and Microsoft. We (the IT Pro community) can now have our voices heard and our questions answered. In return Microsoft will be able to engage with the community and gain a deeper understanding of how Microsoft technologies are used around the UK. This will enable them to make better, more informed, decisions which in turn could lead to more relevant software and resources for IT Pros nationwide.

I left the meeting full of hope about the potential of this project. Microsoft is not a closed fortress and they are equally excited about the potential this partnership offers. I will do my best to represent the community and share my insights on the corporation through my blog.

If you want to now more information about this, please comment on this blog.
You can also ask me questions at

More info on all of the members of the council here

P.S. I couldn’t resist being the London tourist. It was my first time in Victoria and there is a lot to see when you look around! Despite my poor old camera phone’s low 2 megapixel resolution, I used the magic of Windows Live Photo Gallery to create a few composites as well and create this blog post

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