Fixing Windows Live Writer to work with WordPress

Like many (or not so many as the case may be) Windows Live Space users, I was over the moon when I heard that Spaces was shutting down and we were given the option to migrate to WordPress.

The migration seemed to go really well and I was soon tweaking with all my settings and modifying a few articles & pages etc.

During the migration there was a handy link to update your Windows Live Writer settings. I clicked it and it seemed to do something. However, when I went into Writer it kept giving me errors and asking for my username & password. It wouldn’t let you change the blog account settings either as it was trying to use my Windows Live account for authentication.

Thanks to a support article on the WordPress forums I saw the only way to fix it is to re-create the blog account. Follow the instructions below if you are unsure how.

Add an account screenshot

Configuring WordPress in Live Writer 2011

  • Open up Windows Live Writer
  • Click the “Home” tab
  • In the “Publish” section, click the account drop-down box
  • Choose “Add a blog account…”
  • This brings up the “add blog” wizard
    • Choose “Other blog service” and click Next
    • Fill out your blog details using the new account settings
    • Click next and the wizard should detect your blog automatically
    • It will ask you if you want to download the theme and if you want to share your blog with Windows Live.
  • Writer should now be configured

This seems to be working well for me. The only thing that isn’t working nicely so far is inserting images. Sometimes it won’t let me choose the nicer effects (like reflection) and it doesn’t align the images properly (although it shows correctly when published). I also tried to update a previous post. Writer downloaded it OK but published it as a new article instead of updating the old one. It also stripped the formatting of some text I had used the “Insert Code”* plug-in with Sad smile

In fact, this is my first proper article using the Writer+WordPress combination. Fingers crossed

P.S. Neowin is predicting that the final version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 will come out later today*. I find that hard to believe, more likely to be a beta refresh or RC, but who knows!


  • Windows Live Essentials 2011 is available for download right now at
  • I also have discovered a plug-in that works correctly for displaying code on WordPress by Scott Lovegrove –  WordPress [Sourcecode] Plug-in

3 thoughts on “Fixing Windows Live Writer to work with WordPress

  1. Had problems with adding wordPress to Live writer. It added blogger and now it is gone and can not get it to take it again. The wizard is not opening.
    Will try again.
    Believe I received The Adobe scam email and hit teh installed with out thinking. Now my acrobat will not let me in. I will remedy all with a restore I hope.
    Liz Roland


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