I’m nominated for IT Pro Blogger of the Year

I got a complete surprise this morning when I found out my blog was shortlisted for the IT Blog Awards 2010: Individual IT Professional Male. I’m a bit gobsmacked that out of the 1000s of IT Pro blogs I was shortlisted as one of the final 17. I guess I must be doing something right after all!

Good Luck to all the other bloggers involved, you can see the list here.

If you enjoy reading my blog I’d really appreciate your vote. Go to the voting page for the IT blog awards and I’m listed in category 3,  Individual IT professional male.

I’m off to buy a tuxedo.

P.S. ComputerWeekly.com are also running a charity challenge for Computers for Schools Kenya. It’s a great charity that can put a refurbished PC on a school desk in Kenya for only £50. You can donate from as little as £3 on the justgiving page


Unfortunately, I didn’t win first place. That honour went to Mark Wilson. Not too disappointed, Mark has a great blog over at markwilson.it and is also worth following on twitter @markwilson.it.

It was a great awards cereomony. Lots of champagne quaffed, nibbles noshed and good to meet up with fellow bloggers. Here’s looking forward to an even better chance in 2011!

For a full list of the night’s winners head over to Computer Weekly

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