Trouble downloading Amazon MP3s after a browser crash

KoL-Come-around-sundownAfter hearing a BBC Newsbeat article on Radio 1, Digital Albums ‘Getting Cheaper’, I decided to see what Amazon’s £3.99 single was this week. I was pleased to find it was the newly released Kings of Leon album, Come Around Sundown.

I had heard a bit of the album on Spotify and thought it sounded pretty good so I decided to purchase it. Amazon MP3s are DRM free so I knew I’d have no problem burning it to a CD-R or adding it to a USB stick to play on my car stereo.

However, due to a crash I lost the chance to download. Read on to see how I fixed it 


I’d never used Amazon for buying MP3s before, so, after clicking the  “Buy now with 1-click” button, I was prompted to install their special downloader. After this was installed I was directed to the download page which supposedly was meant to start the album downloading. Unfortunately, nothing happened. It turned out that the page has crashed. I was using Google Chrome but I doubt [hope] that had anything to do with it. No problem, I thought, I can just re-open my order history and download it from there. However, there was now download link on that page. I’ve used other mp3 download services before, like 7Digital or more recently Zune Marketplace and have never had an issue like this before. In fact most services have a digital locker in the cloud where you can listen to or re-download tracks. I went to Amazon’s help pages and it states that you MUST download at the time of purchase otherwise you will need to contact customer services. I sent a quick tweet to @amazonukmp3 but didn’t ever get a response so I decided to dig around for an answer.


AmazonMP3LogoLuckily, I noticed a file called FDb24.tmp in my download folder. The time stamp was just after I had downloaded the Amazon Downloader app so I guessed it could be the file that starts of the album download (similar to a .torrent file). As a stab in the dark I renamed it to FDb24.amz and the icon changed to one matching the Amazon MP3 downloader. I double-clicked the file and the downloader popped up and promptly downloaded the album in about 5 minutes.

I was lucky to spot the tmp file and get the download but this must cause a headache for an average user. Perhaps I could have just called Amazon support and they would have sorted it for me but with problems like this it’s no wonder physical CDs account for a ratio of 4:1 versus digital downloads

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