WP7: My favourite apps

This is a back-dated post due to me having a shuffle around on my blog. I’ll still have the main What I Use » WP7 page but I wanted away of updating that without loosing my app history

I got my Samsung Omnia 7 at the begining of December 2010. As one of the early adopters I thought I should keep a list of the apps that I have downloaded that have lasted longer than a week. They all work in the UK on my Samsung, I can’t vouch for other hardware/locations. I let my kids play with my phone so a few of the apps are for their benefit…honest.

I haven’t paid for a single app yet so all the ones below are available from the marketplace for free 🙂

You may also want to look at all my WP7 posts on my blog for other tips and reviews.

  • Adobe Reader
  • Beezz – awesome twitter client
  • Big Oven/Tesco Real Food – Recipe Finders
  • Break.com Videos – Some funny photos & videos delivered daily, saves me hunting around YouTube 😉
  • CardStar – Keep all your store loyalty cards (e.g. Nectar, Boots, Tesco) on your phone as readable barcodes. UPDATE, this app doesn’t seem to work at Tesco or Sainsbury’s self-service checkouts. I’ve been to embarrassed to show it a real checkout. Still it’s a glossy way to keep a backup.
  • DIY Calculator – Really handy at working out your materials and costs for any DIY projects, seriously considering buying this app.
  • Photo Apps
    • Photogram (Samsung Only)
    • Photo Studio (Samsung Only) – 3 nice effects but needs a bit of tweaking. Currently defaults to VGA quality instead of 5mp.
    • Colorizer
    • FotoChop – add captions to pictures
    • PicFX – Great Tilt-Shift option
    • Pic-o-Twit – Upload directly to Twitter
    • PictureFrame – Provides Slideshow ability
    • Touchnote – send a photo as a real physical postcard
  • Send to WP7 – Pushes a link from your Desktop browser to your phone
  • Currency Convertor
  • Facebook – lovely way to get to most Facebook features
  • Foursquare – not used much but seems good so far
  • Flixster – good for finding local UK cinema times and user reviews. I wish it would let you add your own review to one’s existing Flixster account.
  • Fuels – track your fuel consumption
  • IMDb – I use this practically every time I watch a film now to find actor info or other interesting facts
  • Hangover Helper – genius idea for those who wake up not knowing where they are or what they did last night
  • Music
    • Last.fm – good for an instant hit of decent music
    • Shazam – Identifies tracks playing on a radio/TV and lets you download it staright to your phone. Magic.
    • Lyrics – Search for song lyrics. It also identifies the currently playing track so you can sing along
  • Level – A working spirit level for your phone (Shame Omnia doesn’t stand on it’s edges!)
  • Lunar Phase – Check what phase the moon is in or when the next full moon is
  • Maps [built-in] – Works great. Just needs turn-by-turn navigation to replace my TomTom
  • OneNote [built-in] – Take notes, add pictures, voice recordings, sync to SkyDrive
  • Shopping List – Brilliantly simple but advanced enough to cover my needs
  • Springboard Series for Windows – Technical articles & videos from Microsoft for IT Pros
  • Weather [by the Weather Channel] – Doesn’t look very nice but it’s accurate WeatherBug – Much nicer representation of the weather, good live tile and the RADAR maps work to.
  • Where’s my Car? – Locates your car in case you forget where you parked
  • World Clock – always handy to see when that state-side broadcast is really happening
  • WordPress – Blog while on the go
  • YouTube – A necessary evil 😉
  • Games, Timewasting
    • Magic 7 Ball
    • ElectricBeans
    • Fun Sounds
    • Fake Calling
    • Flashlight 7 – great strobe effect for raving!
    • Flowerz – not particulary great but only free XBOX Live game atm
    • Fruit Ninja (demo)
    • iBlast Moki (demo)
    • Fast Food
    • Ice Ball
    • Impossible Shoota
    • KillTheDuck
    • Omni Jump_Free
    • Plan Bee
    • Pirates Ahoy (Fruit Ninja rip-off)
    • Quadra
    • SkyDiver Classic
    • Swipy Man
    • TouchMeQuick
    • Tic Tac Toe – Great 6×6 grid option
    • Unite – Tilty fun
    • Ultra Air Hockey 2
    • Word Tangle Free

Let me know what you think in the comments or add any recommendations of your own.

You can also read my reviews of the Samsung Omnia 7 hardware and the Windows Phone 7 OS.

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