A social media fairy tale: How a mayor got a new job

And now for something a little different. The true(-ish) story of how I got my new job as a SysAdmin for LinkedIn …

LinkedIn London

Once upon a time, there was a country boy from the shire of Bedford. One lucky day he received a Windows Phone 7 smartphone from the wizards at Microsoft. It let him do lots of magical things. His favourite trick was to check-in using the Foursquare spell. He got so good at using this spell he managed to conjure himself into the mayor of Bedford train station.

The previous mayor heard about this via his twitter bird and decided to follow him, congratulating the boy on his success. Months passed and the old mayor and the new got to know each other better with the help of the twitter bird. The old mayor even visited the WordPress of the newcomer, where he discovered the two of them had a common trade in supporting the computer overlords.

One day, the old mayor heard of an opportunity for the new mayor to come and work with him in the big city for the growing court of the LinkedIn knights. No CV was necessary as the shire boy already possessed a 100% complete scroll, with recommendations from across the land but to get the job would be no easy task. He would have to face a gauntlet of interviews and survive them based on his own merit. There were no tricks in his WP7 that would help him now!

LinkedIn Flags at full mastThe gauntlet was intense but he believed in his skills and kept his honour intact. Several weeks later he got news that he had passed the trials and was accepted among the Knights of LinkedIn. He may have lost his mayorship but he now possess an even greater cause, to connect the world’s professionals for the greater good.

If you would like to follow where this story goes then why not join him on his journey …

Source: http://dribbble.com/shots/112573-Mighty-Social-Icons Source: http://dribbble.com/shots/112573-Mighty-Social-Icons Foursquare Icon. Source: http://dribbble.com/shots/112573-Mighty-Social-Icons

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