My Toolbox – Quick and easy driver backup with Double Driver

Just a quick post because I wanted to give a worthy bit of software a shout-out.

Double Driver from

This little free program lets you back up all of the drivers on your PC for safe keeping. This is really handy if you want to save them all before a major update or re-installation. I also use it a lot on PCs with older operating systems (like Windows XP) because sometimes they are a real pain to try and find from the official OEM website (HP, I’m looking at you). It’s the kind of utility you wished Microsoft had just built directly into the Windows Device Manager.


There is no installation needed, which makes it ideal for sticking on a USB key. All you need to do is open the app , click the Backup tab, run a scan and then click the Backup Now button.

The restore process is equally as simple and it doesn’t just give you a folder to manually search through, it actually installs them all properly too.

I had a little problem downloading this from the official page but I could get it fine from the ad-ridden Softpedia website,, just make sure you click the correct download link and not an advert (Ad Block is your friend:))

I’m thinking of writing a few more simple posts like these about what little apps I keep in my toolbox, let me know if you think its worthwhile or if you’ve found something better!

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