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Thom’s HeadSpace is the blog of IT Pro,
Thom McKiernan

I like to blog about the day to day challenges I face at work, partly as an aide-memoire but primarily to help other IT Pros out there who are facing similar challenges.

My first blog post wasn’t much to write home about but funny to think it was over 10 years ago, back when it was hosted on MSN Spaces (Thom’s HeadSpace… get it?)

I’ve worked as a sysadmin in education and businesses of all sizes. One of my career highlights was working for LinkedIn, London, on the internal IT team (i.e. nothing to do with the actual website). I had a brilliant, life-changing experience working at LinkedIn but unfortunately the work-life harmony wasn’t really in balance thanks to the long commute. So, I relocated to a more local business, Turpin Distribution, in Bedfordshire, where i’m back in the sysadmin role. It’s great to be able to be in control of the systems again and not have to got through 6 other people to make a change!

One thing was constant in all my jobs – searching for the answers on the internet! I’ve been got out of sticky situations many times thanks to someone blogging about it, so hopefully I can do the same for you.

As well as my job, I may also blog from time to time on my family life, reviews of the latest gadgets/movies/albums or my running adventures


Me sitting by Cleopatra's Needle by the River Thames, LondonI got in to computers through my Dad. He liked to dabble in programming and this new-fangled thing called the internet. I was soon hooked playing games like Theme Park & Dungeon Keeper, browsing through the CompuServe forums and chatting to friends on ICQ (as well as the odd bit of homework in Creative Writer). IT seemed an obvious path to make mega bucks in my future career.

I didn’t really know where to start and by 18 I was already married with a 1 year old son. I was working full-time in McDonalds and decided to take a couple of City & Guilds qualifications in Databases and Networking. A friend on the course told me about a job going as the IT technician at their school. Amazingly I got the job and was really thrown in at the deep end. I managed to sort out the network and bring in a Win 2000 AD server and they promoted me to the new position of Network Manager. The school grew more and more dependent on IT for its students learning as well as back office administration. They sent me on a night course to gain a BTEC in Computing followed by the MCSA qualification. I got experience of a very wide range of technologies on a network of over 500 devices and over 1100 users.

After 5 years I moved on to a job as a network consultant, however, this turned into a sales job which I wasn’t very happy with and I could feel my knowledge slipping away. I soon left that job (after 3 months) and have been working at my current job since 2007. It was quite a change being in a business environment but it was great to be part of an intelligent team of techies! Still waiting for the mega bucks though 😉

At the begining of 2012 I landed job as a Systems Support Analyst at LinkedIn in London. It was another big leap but working for one of the top global internet companies was not something I could pass up on. It was quite an interesting story as to how I got this job, you can read about it in my article A social media fairy tale: How a mayor got a new job

Top 3 Challenges as an IT Pro

  1. Users not understanding what they are doing!
  2. Cutting through marketing and buzzwords to discover the REAL value of any technology and how to apply it for my users
  3. Not getting left behind in the ever-changing world of technology

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