A new kind of computer? Chromebook

I was interested to see goolge officially release their cloud-based netbook » Google Chrome Blog: A new kind of computer: Chromebook.

Over a year and a half ago I blogged about why I was excited on Google’s development but that was a long time ago in technology terms. Smart phones were just going mainstream and I don’t even remeber if iPads and modern tablets existed?

I haven’t quite digested all the latest info on Chromebooks (as they are now known) but it will be interesting to see if they take off. Have a look at my original article, Google Chrome OS – What is it for and is it any good?,  to see what my initial thoughts were and get a good summary of what Chromebooks were meant to do.

I think Google should make the Chrome OS a free download, I for one would be much more likey to use it on my laptop in a dual boot setup rather than a dedicated machine, then again I suppose I can stay with Windows 7 and just use Chrome exclusively? Does that really offer the same benefits of going all in with a Chromebook? One thing I do like is that Google have launched it with tools for System Administrators so it can be controlled in a business or school environment, that’s 1-up on the iPad, not even going into the price difference. This has the potential of being quite big in schools.

On a side not, this isn’t the first time we have seen an “internet-only” device, take a look at The Internet Appliance … It is Finally Here 🙂 (via @shanselman)

Goodbye iGoogle and about:blank, Netvibes keeps my home page alive

home, house iconHome pages, you either love them or hate them


people have been arguing lately that homepages are going the way of the dodo; in today’s world of tabbed browsers and social desktop apps (e.g. TweetDeck, Windows Live Messenger etc.) no-one “starts” their browsing experience from a particular page. Well, I would argue that it is more necessary than ever to make your first destination on the web something that will keep you connected to all the journeys you might be taking. Continue reading

Google Chrome OS – What is it for and is it any good?

Brief Overview – What is Google Chrome OS (by Google)

I have just finished watching The 1hr20min video from Google Releasing the Chromium OS open source project. It’s all about making the development of the Google Chrome operating system open source to get as many people involved as possible (similar to many Linux variants). Interesting but ultimately dull announcement. However there are some great explanations as to what Google Chrome OS is and when to use it as well as a demo of how it looks at the moment. Follow the link above to watch Jeff Goldblum’s presentation, the interesting demo starts at ~15mins and runs for 10 mins.

To save you having to watch the rest of the video I have summarised what I think are the key points Continue reading