Trouble downloading Amazon MP3s after a browser crash

KoL-Come-around-sundownAfter hearing a BBC Newsbeat article on Radio 1, Digital Albums ‘Getting Cheaper’, I decided to see what Amazon’s £3.99 single was this week. I was pleased to find it was the newly released Kings of Leon album, Come Around Sundown.

I had heard a bit of the album on Spotify and thought it sounded pretty good so I decided to purchase it. Amazon MP3s are DRM free so I knew I’d have no problem burning it to a CD-R or adding it to a USB stick to play on my car stereo.

However, due to a crash I lost the chance to download. Read on to see how I fixed it  Continue reading

Sorting Spotify – A way to make your playlists more manageable

Spotify goes Social

Spotify has changed and it keeps getting better. For those not in the know, Spotify is a streaming music service. It’s like having the whole iTunes music store on your own computer. The cool thing is you can get all this for a low monthly subscription. You can also get it free with ads if you go for the new “Open” model (limited to 20 hours per month). I was quick enough to get in on the beta when it started up so I have it free and unlimited. I just have to put up with the occasional adverts [that’s what the mute button was made for 😉 ]. If I’m having a party or mates over for dinner I can get a 24 hour ad-free pass too. It seems like Spotify have a model for everyone. It’s a shame the “Open” model isn’t completely unlimited but if it keeps Spotify on the record labels’ good side (if they have one) then I suppose its justified. Continue reading