21st Century Fundraising

I thought that raising money online would be a really easy way to support a charity when I ran the Loch Ness Marathon in 2009. It turns out that it was actually easier to raise it offline by shaking a tin under peoples’ noses. You soon realise that the odd nagging tweet or facebook post isn’t going to inspire many people to type in their credit card numbers.

In my first ever Saturday job as a Sainsbury’s BWS Replenishment Assistant (i.e. Beers, Wines & Spirits shelf stacker) I was told that a customer needs to hear about a product an average of 23 times before they will think about buying it. I guess the same goes for donating to charity, although I would hope it’s a bit lower! That’s why I think Comic Relief does such a great job with Red Nose Day. I’ve seen so much RND stuff this year all over the internet, TV and radio. Combine that with the ease of impulsive SMS text message donations and your on to a winner. Who would have thought that 2 DJs could have raised £2.4 million just by staying awake for a few days. I don’t think even the BBC had any idea of the viral sensation that occurred, enough to crash even their servers!  I’ve found myself shelling out on several occasions and I’m dedicating this week’s post to ask you to do the same this year.

Find out more by watching coverage on BBC1 & 2 tonight or by visiting bbc.co.uk/rednoseday