Loch Ness Marathon Update – I Did It!

2009-06-02 Loch Ness Marathon 004 StitchSunday 4th October 2009 was a momentous day for me. There were days I thought I would never make it but with a little help from new friends and energy gels I got across the finish line!

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Loch Ness Marathon

My blog is going to take a slight side-step from the usual geekfest to keep everyone updated on my progress in the Loch Ness Marathon.

Important things to note

I have got a lot of training to do but luckily have the whole summer to prepare for it.

I can’t quite contemplate the necessary 40 miles a week training at the moment but with your encouragement I will get there. The most I have done so far is a half marathon in 1 hour 53 mins and that almost killed me!

Stay tuned for more blogs, photos and maybe the odd video or two 🙂