How to add a Path to the System Variables in Windows 2008 R2

One of our tech bods was asking how to find the System Variables in Server 2008 R2. They had previously been using Server 2003 and, although the location hasn’t really changed, it can be a bit tricky to find it. So to help others here is an elaborate diagram Winking smile

set path

i.e. Control Panel>System Properties>Advanced System Settings link>Advanced tab>Environment Variables button>Scroll down the System Variables section to find Path

I’m glad to say, R2 also lets you simply type in “Path” to the Start Menu to bring up the same end target. Now that’s progress!

I’m part of the Microsoft Technical Community Council

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft have asked me to represent IT Pros around the UK as part of their new Technical Community Council (MTCC)

The aim is to drive deeper connection with IT professionals through independent customers representing certain job roles and being the voice of the customer to and from Microsoft.  This will build on the success we have had with the Audience Marketing Managers (AMMs) and the IT Evangelists (ITEs) being the public face of Microsoft to all IT Professionals in the UK.

MTCCThis means I will be hopefully doing much more blogging regarding my job role, at least 2 blogs a week, trying to give in insight into the successes and struggles I face.

You can find out more about the You can find out more about the Microsoft UK IT Professional Team (including the Community Council) at this page on Microsoft’s website

They are always looking for new members so if you are interested then drop me a line on my contact page