You’ve got Emoji – Smilie Characters discovered in a font

Screenshot of all of the special characters
To get these simple but cool emoticons/emoji/smilies or whatever you want to call them you will need the Segoe UI Semibold font that comes with Windows 7 (possibly Vista too?).
In Microsoft Word, click the Insert tab on the ribbon. On the far-right click the Symbol button, followed by the More Symbols option

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Goodbye iGoogle and about:blank, Netvibes keeps my home page alive

home, house iconHome pages, you either love them or hate them


people have been arguing lately that homepages are going the way of the dodo; in today’s world of tabbed browsers and social desktop apps (e.g. TweetDeck, Windows Live Messenger etc.) no-one “starts” their browsing experience from a particular page. Well, I would argue that it is more necessary than ever to make your first destination on the web something that will keep you connected to all the journeys you might be taking. Continue reading