Bypass compulsory website registration with a shared password

Bug me not screenshot This was an interesting find » – login with these free web passwords to bypass compulsory registration.

Many a time I have been pained at the thought of going through another registration process just to see a quick bit of info. This site offers you usernames & passwords for dummy accounts on websites to let you log into a multitude of places. Bear in mind, these aren’t stolen credentials, they are just accounts that others have created and shared for anyone to use.

Simply type in the domain you are trying to access and you will get a list of usernames and passwords as well as success rates of whether they work or not. Be careful though, the password should be readable in plain text not **** or the common “click Yes to see password”. This is a way people are trying to mess with the voting system.

ProTip: Middle click to close tab and even apps

A couple of months ago I found out that I can use the mouse-wheel button (i.e. middle-click) to close tabs in web browsers. This is much easier, thanks to the larger surface area, than trying to hit the little “x” that is on most tabs. It works for other things than browsers too, like Notepad++ or tabbed conversations in IM clients. This got me wondering the other day when I was overcrowded by tabs in Internet Explorer 9’s taskbar thumbnail previews (see pic). I hovered over one I didn’t want open, gave it a middle click, and hey presto the tab closed! This works for any thumbnail preview, not just IE9. It surprising what a boost in productivity this gives so try it out today!thumb-preview


Screenshot of Refresh button in Google ChromeUpdate: I recently found out that Chrome & Firefox also let you middle-click the refresh button. This duplicates the curent page to a new tab. At first I didn’t think that was particularly useful but now I find I’m needing it all the time. It is especially useful if you accidentally navigate away from a page, like when you type in a search term to the address bar and hit Enter instead of CTRL+Enter. Now you can middle-click Refresh so you keep the search open in a new tab but can also navigate back to the previous page you were looking at in the current tab.

21st Century Fundraising

I thought that raising money online would be a really easy way to support a charity when I ran the Loch Ness Marathon in 2009. It turns out that it was actually easier to raise it offline by shaking a tin under peoples’ noses. You soon realise that the odd nagging tweet or facebook post isn’t going to inspire many people to type in their credit card numbers.

In my first ever Saturday job as a Sainsbury’s BWS Replenishment Assistant (i.e. Beers, Wines & Spirits shelf stacker) I was told that a customer needs to hear about a product an average of 23 times before they will think about buying it. I guess the same goes for donating to charity, although I would hope it’s a bit lower! That’s why I think Comic Relief does such a great job with Red Nose Day. I’ve seen so much RND stuff this year all over the internet, TV and radio. Combine that with the ease of impulsive SMS text message donations and your on to a winner. Who would have thought that 2 DJs could have raised £2.4 million just by staying awake for a few days. I don’t think even the BBC had any idea of the viral sensation that occurred, enough to crash even their servers!  I’ve found myself shelling out on several occasions and I’m dedicating this week’s post to ask you to do the same this year.

Find out more by watching coverage on BBC1 & 2 tonight or by visiting