Software tracking

Check out my Wakoopa profile. This tracks all the software I use. I’m quite new to this service but it looks good. I’m still yet to install it on my home PC.

The list below is software I recommend, of which most of it is free

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Productivity Suite: Microsoft Office 2010
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome (Internet Explorer 9 as a backup)
    • Search: Google UK. As much as I like how Bing looks, I personaly get the most relevant results from Google. I also like its Shopping search
    • Maps: I tend to use Google Maps out of habit, even though I prefer the look of Bing Maps. I’m trying to curb my habits!
    • Extensions
      • Chrome to WP7
      • LastPass
      • Favicon Alerts
      • IE Tab Classic
      • InvisibleHand
      • RSS Subscription
      • iReader
      • Slideshow
      • Turn Off the Lights
  • Email Client: Gmail (i.e.
  • Twitter Client: DestroyTwitter
  • Web Development: Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express. Seems to be the only free software capable nowadays, although its far from perfectly suited to my basic needs (i.e. no programming).
  • Media
    • Video Player: VLC
    • Audio/Podcasts: Zune
    • Editing: Audacity
    • Burning Tool: CdBurnerXP & IMGBurn
    • Music: Spotify
    • Mounting: Virtual CloneDrive
  • PDFs
    • Reader: SumatraPDF I’ve gone back to Adobe Reader X
    • Writer: PDFCreator
  • Graphics
    • Basic: Paint.Net
    • Advanced: GIMP
    • Icon Editor: IcoFX
    • Photos
      • Management & Editing: Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011
      • Previewer: Google Picasa (works much quicker than WLPG) and for some of the extra effects/mosaics
  • Video
    • Editing: I used to use Premiere (when I did a BTEC in Media Studies), then Premiere Elements (when I worked in Education) but am now stuck with Windows Live Movie Maker 2011. I wouldn’t mind but I really could do with a couple of extra audio & video tracks please Microsoft
    • Screen Recording: CamStudio
    • DVD Authoring: DVD Flick
  • Blogging: Windows Live Writer 2011/WordPress
  • Text Editor: NotePad++
  • WinSCP
  • 7-Zip
  • Sync
    • Calendar: Google Calendar Sync (Google >Outlook) Nokia PC Suite (Outlook > Phone)
    • Files & Settings: Windows Live Mesh 2011 (+Google Chrome’s internal sync)

Let me know what you think in the comments or add any recommendations of your own.

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